How to Not Overthink Birthdays (and other questions that never leave you)

“Our lives improve only when we take chances – and the first and most difficult risk we can take is to be honest with ourselves.” – Walter Anderson.

This message greeted me one morning when I groggily reached over to turn off the snooze button on my cellphone alarm. I thought at first it was a forwarded message, but at the end of a saying was a simple greeting, “happy birthday camille!”

Of course, when you’ve just read that text at four something in the morning, chances are, you won’t be able to decipher it just yet. Half the day is gone when I’ve finally had time to ponder on that quote and what it meant. People may say that “honesty is the best policy” but being truly honest with yourself is one of the hardest things you’ll ever have to do. It’s a lot easier to take the coward’s way out and live in denial. But where’s the happiness in that warped sense of reality?

Birthdays for me are a time of introspection, kind of like your very own personal new year where you make all sorts of lists and resolutions that you must absolutely accomplish this year. It also brings out all these scary questions that you would rather not confront and just run away from. They have this funny way of creeping up on you every natal day.

What am I doing with my life? Where am I at this point in life? Am I happy with my career? What dreams do I want to chase this year? Where will I go next? Will this be the year when I will meet the one? What will my future be like?

These questions will taunt you and leave you no peace unless you look within yourself for the answers, some which you might not like. The reason why we often try to elude these answers is because it will disrupt the familiar routine of life that we’ve grown used to. It will force us to evaluate the true state of our happiness and offer us a choice–embrace change and alter the course of our life forever or live a lifetime of regret for not taking that risk.

I don’t think I’ll ever not overthink birthdays. Perhaps I’ll overthink less as time passes. On this nth birthday, I still don’t have all the answers but the more honest I am with myself, the clearer the path becomes. And I know I am where I’m supposed to be right now.

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All You Need is Pag-ibig is Confidently Fluff with a Heart

At last year’s MMFF (Metro Manila Film Fest) run, the only movie I watched was English Only Please. It made me an instant fan of Dan Villegas and Antoinette Jadaone’s directing and screenwriting tandem. When I found out that their second film, #WalangForever, would be part of the 2015 MMFF lineup, I decided that would be the movie to watch. After I read Philbert Ortiz Dy‘s review about All You Need is Pag-ibig, I reconsidered my choice. Never mind that Kris is in it. What matters is that Antoinette Jadaone of That Thing Called Tadhana directed it.

All You Need is Pag-ibig reminds me a little bit of Love Actually the way Continue reading

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The Final Goodbye: Inspired by a True Story

Long distance relationships are tough. I know this through family and friends whose normal day includes late night Skype sessions with loved ones from different time zones. Can you imagine six long years apart from your loved one? Do you think you’ll last that long if you were in their shoes?

The story below was inspired by my cousin’s LDR experience. Let’s see how the two’s relationship fared before the dreaded 7-year itch.

The Final Goodbye


image from pinterest

Felicia bit her lip, holding back her tears as she savored the last precious moments with Victor. Continue reading

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Cine Europa 18: Coming of Age Part 2

Were you able to catch a movie from yesterday’s lineup? I wasn’t able to but hopefully, I’ll be able to catch a movie or two from today’s interesting list.


Movie Schedule for Saturday, October 10






Rating: PG

Directed by: Vlad Paunescu
Genre: Drama

Running Time: 1 hour 43 minutes

Screening Schedule: Saturday 10:10 am


Ema is a successful TV anchor of a national TV broadcaster, the star of a tabloid show. A perfectionist, she has no qualms at putting her health or money at stake for higher ratings. When one of her cases brings her in the midst of a huge scandal it, dramatically changes her life. Ema will discover that behind all things happening to her are unexpected characters…

Trailer: Continue reading

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Cine Europa 18: Coming of Age Part 1

Next to the Japanese Film Festival, Cine Europa is my favorite foreign film fest. The European Film Festival boasts of the most number of movies in its lineup. Now on its 18th year, Cine Europa features “Coming of Age” themed films that will bring us back to that important period between childhood and adulthood—including that journey of self-discovery and of finding true love.

Cine Europa 18 will be showing 20 films in Cebu and since it will be hard to cram everything into one post, I’ve decided to create movie guides for each day of the film festival run. Although I’ve included trailers in this guide, not all of them have English subtitles. Admission is FREE at Ayala Center Cebu CINEMA ONE.


Cine Europa 18 Movie Schedule for Friday, October 9



Vuosaari(Naked Harbour)

Naked Harbour


Rating: R-13


Directed by: Aku Louhimies

Genre: Comedy, Drama

Running Time: 2 hours 3 minutes

Screening Schedule: October 9 (Friday) 11:00 am


How far will a person go for love? Naked Harbour tells the intertwining stories of eight different people who are seeking love and acceptance at any cost.

Trailer: Continue reading

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Cebu’s Movie Lineup for the 2015 Korean Film Festival

If the Japanese film festival holds my record of most number of movies watched, Korean film festival holds my record of least movies watched. It’s not for lack of love for Korean films. It’s more of Ayala being more accessible for me than SM. Also the latter has the worst queue in the history of film fests.

Last year, I was only able to catch Man on the Edge, a movie that will distract you in the beginning with laugh-out-loud antics then turns you into a teary-eyed mess when the unexpected dramatic conclusion unfolds. I won’t be surprised if this year’s Korean film fest will feature another movie just like it. Check out the list below if there’s a movie you want to watch!

2015 Korean Film Fest Movie Lineup for Cebu


Miss Granny

Miss Granny

image from imdb


Rating: R13

Directed by: Dong-hyuk Hwang

Genre: Comedy, Fantasy

Running Time: 2 hours 4 minutes

Screening Schedule:

October 1 (Thursday) 7:00 p.m.
October 4 (Sunday) 6:00 p.m.


What if you were given a second chance at youth? Continue reading

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Cebu’s Movie Lineup for Eiga Sai 2015

Last year’s Japanese film festival was one of the more disappointing ones in my opinion. It was not in the choice of films but rather, the very meager lineup, plus the fact that the schedule coincided with the very first Bon Odori festival. This year, I’m happy to report that Eiga Sai 2015 has seven films lined up for Cebu with the theme, “Tasteful Japan.” Not only will we get to take a look at Japan’s culinary world but also contemporary films recently released in Japan. For fans of anime and manga, you’ll be happy to know that two live-action films have made it to this year’s lineup.

Like what I did for the 2015 French Film Festival, I’ve made a quick guide to make it easier to see which movies might be worth watching.


A Tale of Samurai Cooking – A True Love Story 武士の献立

Continue reading

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Magic Mike XXL: Bigger, Better and Even More Abtacular!

The fact that I left the cinema smiling should be a HUGE testament to Magic Mike: XXL. The letters here only prove that this installment is indeed bigger, better and even more abtacular.


Magic Mike: XXL picks up Continue reading

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5 Style Tips You Can Steal from CBC’s First Anniversary Party

The moment I received a personalized invitation to the CBC Black themed anniversary party, I felt the same excitement as Cinderella must have felt when she found out about the free-for-all invitation to the ball. The only difference is that I didn’t have a fairy godmother  nor did I own a pair of glass slippers. So how does one deal with a fashion emergency without a magic wand or wicked shoes? CBC Black Party

It all boils down to the classic Little Black Dress (LBD) and a little creative styling. Here are some style tips that you can steal from CBC’s anniversary shindig. Continue reading

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Capturing the Capdase Craze on Camera

During CBC’s Anniversary party, one of our sponsors, Capdase Philippines hosted a contest wherein they were giving away Best SOHO Portable Bluetooth Speaker to 5 lucky CBC bloggers with the most interesting and creative blog entries about “Why you would love to win a Capdase portable Bluetooth Speaker”. They also chose the best selfie with any of Capdase products available along with a caption which will explain “why you love Capdase products/a certain Capdase product”.

Below are the winning blog entries and the images that captured how crazy we are for Capdase! Continue reading

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